Pumpkin Still Life Pastel

It’s been a minute since last I posted. I apologize, but time is just flying by! In a previous post I had mentioned that my next pastel painting would be a still life; and today I’d like to share it with you. Pumpkin Still Life Pastel is my last painting for this year. I realize we’re into December and this painting isn’t a Christmas subject, but I took my time on this one. I finished it a few weeks ago and have just now had time to bring it to my blog.

I rounded up a candle, some fall leaves, a mini pumpkin and a teacup;

After gathering my subjects I placed them on my still life stand and lit them from the side. Then I used a sheet of 9″x12″, Black, La Carte Pastel paper and drew out my scene using a white pastel pencil. I took my time and didn’t get too fussy about perfectionism, cause that’s my middle name, and I only worked on one element a day.

Pumpkin Still Life Pastel
Pumpkin Still Life Pastel

{The Tamarack. Mountain Studio watermark is not on the painting.}

I am so happy with how Pumpkin Still Life Pastel turned out! I loved working on this rougher paper, and I think the black paper enhanced the mood of the piece. I tend to work intuitively and as things go, my color palette is the color range for 2022! You can read about next years’ colors here.

My palette colors are those in the 2022 color trends for interior design consisting of Dahlia Orange, Buttercream, Military Gold, Nature Brown, Green Quartz and Pink Charlotte with a tiny touch of Tech Blue! The color selections in this painting were totally serendipitous! I love when this happens.

I am so in love with this painting and the journey I took to paint it. Each element was painted with my full attention and at times I was so focused I could only paint one element a day because it was mentally exhausting. Can you relate to that? Anyway, I will have Pumpkin Still Life framed and it will become part of my fall decor each year.

Thank you for stopping by during these busy days! My next post will be my 2021 Year in Review video. Then at the first of the year my website will be offline for a day while I totally revamp my site. As always, I appreciate you!

Much Love ~ Rhonda

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