Mini White Water Pastel

Well, I’m back to share with you a painting I did while on a recent camping trip. I titled the piece Mini White Water Pastel because it is about a place on the river that had some mini whitewater.

I set up my easel next to the water’s edge and had the most delightful day ever! The weather was perfect and there weren’t any bugs. We had the area to ourselves the entire day. It was so peaceful and beautiful.

First, I did a watercolor sketch of the scene to figure out my composition. Then, I made notes about the lighting, background and main colors. After lunch I set to work blocking in my pastel. You can see the hubs off in the distance fishing.

Watercolor sketch
Plein Air painting on Moyie River
Plein Air set up

The day flew by and before I knew it I had lost the light on the whitewater area, my focal point. The sun set behind the trees and the entire river was in shadow, even though it was only mid afternoon. I had to finish the painting in the studio using my reference photos and sketchbook notes, but I was able to block in all the major areas before leaving. Maybe if I hadn’t done a thumbnail sketch in my watercolor journal first, I would have been able to finish the painting on scene. Typical me, I’m a slow working artist. Anyway, here’s the finished painting:

Mini Whitewater Pastel

Mini White Water Pastel was painted on 9.5″x7″ tan Pastelmat paper with soft pastels. I kept the composition simple and painted the rocks loosely so the emphasis would be on the water. I feel this was a successful painting because it says something about this beautiful quiet area of the river; where the water spilled over the rocks, on a sunny blue sky day. : )

Our camping trip lasted two and a half days and we had a great time! It was perfect in every way for a fall trip. The hubs wasn’t successful at fishing but he had an enjoyable time teaching a worm to swim! ; ) Any time spent in nature is always a good day.

Thanks for stopping by! Much Love! ~ Rhonda

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