Late Morning Orienpet Lillies

These last few weeks I’ve been working on and off on a few pastel paintings of my Late Morning Orienpet Lillies. Mine are of the Alusta Hybrid variety. This year was spectacular and there were around 12 stalks of plants, since they spread every year. Here’s a pic of the garden in full bloom:

Late Morning Orienpet Lillies

The flower garden is mostly bulbs and there are three rose bushes and a Clematis vine. The Late Morning Orienpet Lillies put on a beautiful show for about two weeks and the fragrance is out of this world! So every year I make a painting that captures their essence and beauty. This is the first pastel painting of the two Lily’s painted:

White Orienpet Lily Pastel

“White Orienpet Lily” Pastel is painted with soft pastels on light green PastelMat paper and is about 6″x9″. The Lilys have short stems and when they are put in a vase they tend to lean to one side of the vase. I chose a 3/4 view for this piece and just depicted the top edge of the vase because of the way the Lily was situated.

 Late Morning Orienpet Lilies

This is the second pastel in the series and I chose a front view for this piece. “Late Morning Orienpet Lily” was painted with soft pastels on Art Spectrum Colourfix white paper. The Colourfix paper is a new paper for me and I do not care for it. The surface is so rough it chews up the pastels quickly! Then it doesn’t hold many layers very well so I struggled with this painting a lot.

I painted a watercolor underpainting first and that all worked well. Then I used pan pastels to bring in some initial colors and the paper works great with pan pastels. But that’s about it. It even chews up the pan pastel sponges. I’m not a huge fan of pan pastels because they create very soft looking imagery. I need to play with them a lot more to see where they will be best used, so I used them sparingly on this piece and opted for my soft pastels instead.

I am pleased with how both paintings came out especially considering the struggles with the new paper on the second painting. I focused on being “playful and loose” as some artists would say, even though its not really my style. I think I was able to pull it off and I like the overall look of both pieces.

The Lillies are gone now. They are the highlight of our summer and all the neighbors come by to admire their fragrance and beauty. This year I found out what their true name is, Late Morning Orienpet Lily after doing an extensive search online. I always just called them white Lillies, even though they aren’t completely white. They are mostly an ivory white with yellow inside and light green on the outside along the veins leading to the stem. When the sun shines on the petals in just the right way, the ivory hue looks like a brilliant white. I just adore these flowers and am always sad when they are gone.

I’ll be back soon with a Stargazer Lily painting. Thanks for taking time to read my post! Much Love ~Rhonda

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