Summer Rain Pastel Painting

Summer Rain Pastel is about those great evening thunderstorms that happen during the summer. We haven’t had many thunderstorms this year and the last time it rained was the beginning of May. So, in memory of my favorite summertime weather, I painted a pastel of a great storm that happened across the lake from us earlier this year.

Dark and ominous clouds built up rapidly this particular day and the wind went from non existent to almost hurricane force within 30 minutes! We sat under the covered deck and watched the storm roll in from the west. Hail and wind combined with frequent thunder and lightening strikes, made for an exciting evening. As fast as it arrived, it was over, sadly. But we were left with a brilliant bright rainbow with the orange and yellow hues being the most prevalent.

Behind the rainbow, the rain turned orange and to the west, blue sky started to appear, while dark clouds still lingered above. It was great! I hope we get some summer rain soon, because everything is becoming toasty dry in the west. Not only that, I love rain, especially when it comes with thunder and lightening! It is said that rain is a gift from God, and I believe that to be true.

Summer Storm Pastel

Summer Rain Pastel was painted on wine PastelMat paper and is approx. 10″x8″ in size. I’m very pleased with how the clouds turned out and I tried not to blend the pastel too much. The distant mountains turned out very nice and I love the blue sky poking out. My only difficult passages were the trees and the rainbow. The soft dark pastels I used for the trees made it difficult to blend the other lighter colors around each tree, and it was hard keeping those colors from becoming too muted, especially in the rainbow. I wanted to show rain coming down above the rainbow and I feel that was successful. Overall, I’m happy with this piece and feel it says something about weather and summer storms.

I hope you’re having a great summer! And as I like to offer…a public service announcement during the summer: For those of you who love to go camping, please be fire smart and remember a dead fire is a cold fire! Please use water and douse your campfire until you can put your hand over it and feel no heat! Also, leave no trace; pack it in, pack it out. Don’t leave your trash behind!

Until next blog post, thanks for stopping by! Much Love ~ Rhonda

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